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Micro Niche Finder has proven to be one of those tools that I fire up at least once a week to check, in super fast time, what keywords are worth going after in a particular niche.

There are a variety of Keyword Tools currently available on the market that are pretty cool, but today I’m going to take you through one of the top three keyword tools available – Micro Niche Finder!

I’m currently offering a Micro Niche Finder discount of $20 if you purchase through my link.

Now to qualify, obviously you must not refund.

See the Bonus section at the bottom  for more details.


Ok, on with the review…..

I purchased Micro Niche Finder just over a year ago, so I’ve been using it for quite a while now. At the time I’d been using Wordtracker (after the death of Overture) and I’ve got to be honest, a lot of the ‘gurus’ go on and on about how good Wordtracker is but after using it for a year I wasn’t that impressed at all so I set upon my research to find to find the best of the new crop of keywords tools.

The initial thing that jumped out at me on the Micro Niche Finder sales page was the 5 videos that basically showed you how you could easily make the money back that you’ve paid for Micro Niche Finder just by using one of the methods that James goes through.

This immediately got my attention! Just for the record I used the technique showed in the first video and ended up making $68 in commission, not quite the full product price but not far off.

You can view the videos directly by clicking on the links below:

Video 1: Create Adsense Content Pages that Pay You Residual Ad Revenue

Video 2: Exploit Amazon for Easy Affiliate Commissions

Video 3: Create Niche Market PLR And Sell These For a Quick Profit

Video 4: Find ‘Type In Traffic’ Keywords For Set And Forget Revenue Streams

Video 5: Overview Of Micro Niche Finder

“I’ve created a video for you below showing you another cool way  you can use Micro Niche Finder!”


. .

After I purchased Micro Niche Finder my first impression of the product was that it had a well laid out GUI and it was easy to find your way around it. This is a big plus for me because I don’t like it when it takes ages for me to work out how to use software. I believe software is a tool and should be designed to be easy to use and not got in the way of your results and this ticked every box.

Buy Micro Niche Finder today

The search box is right there on the front page so straight away you can just type in your keyword and you’re away. There’s none of this setting up a project and saving it somewhere, then going into settings and changing this and that like I’ve seen on some other keywords tools.

You just put your main keyword in the search box and boom you’re away. There is the inevitable Captcha that you have to enter but we’re kinda used to that these days, then Micro Niche Finder will get your results back very quickly. It does hold back some data like Exact Phrase Count, Commercial Intent and SOC though, but this is so you can just download this really important data for the keywords that matter to you, saving you a great deal of time.

Also all this can be done in the background, so if you have 100′s of keywords just set it to run in the background and get on with searching for some other keywords.

Here’s some guidelines to give you an idea of a niche or keyword that’s worth putting some time into:

Market Guidelines:

1.) Exact Search Count:  2000+

2.) Exact Phrase Match <= 60,000

3.) SOC color not red.

Using the exact phrase count data you can find some keywords that are real gems. Some of the ones I’ve found have had 6,000 ‘exact searches’ per month (not broad) with less than 10,000 competing sites.

When you find keywords like these download and install the SEO Quake plugin for Firefox. Once installed type the keyword into Google with SEO Quake switched on. Now you’ll be able to see the real competition. Look for how many Yahoo links the webpage has that is ranking for that particular keyword. If it’s only 1 few hundred or less then you’ll be able to rank for that keyword pretty quickly.

All you need to do then is write an article using that particular keyword (or outsource it) and then post it to your site. Get some incoming links pointing to the article with the keywords in the anchor text.

Put the keyword in your title, and meta description tags and you should see yourself ranking in no time at all. Each of the keyword results also has a sub menu when you click on them. This gives you access to a whole host of other data, check out the image below: micro niche finder

As you can see the information you can get at the click of a mouse is awesome. Some of these I didn’t even think of looking at for ideas for content or affiliate programs for your keywords. In video No2 James shows you how you can exploit Yahoo answers using the Clickbank option to make some cash which is quite cool.

Micro Niche Finder also has a Strength Of Competition (SOC) index, this uses a  red, amber and green code that allows you to see at a glance whether it’s worth spending your time trying to optimize for that phrase. I find this very useful with long keyword lists as you can just scan it very quickly. Another piece of data you can get is a Commercial Intent value or OCI. I’m not sure how much you know about this but it was provided by Microsoft as a way to gauge how much a user is likely to buy a product if they use that term to search with.

A great idea but the option doesn’t seem to work very often. However, I think this is more down to Microsoft’s website though rather than the software because if you go direct to the site itself it is very slow.

Your searches are all easily managed too, like I said before you don’t have to save them all into folders or anything they’re all saved with Micro Niche Finder. You just click Manage Searches and all your past searches are there with their relevant search date and site i.e. Google.com or Google.co.uk. Yes that’s right you can also change which Google you want to search too.

Are you stuck for ideas for a Niche?

Now as well as what you’d expect from a keyword tool, Micro Niche Finder also provides you with help if you’re stuck as to which niche you want to pick.

Many years ago when I first started affiliate marketing this was a big sticking point for and I wish I would have had a tool like this to help me out.

If you ask most affiliate marketers, picking a niche market can be a real obstacle to getting started promoting products online. There are two options here; Hot Trends and Brainstorm. Click the Hot Trends button and you get a list of about 100 keywords that hot in Google at the moment.

You can then get all the same data for these that I mentioned earlier. Click the brainstorm button and it’s like being sat in a room with a bunch of your best marketing buddies throwing ideas for markets around. Again you can get all the above data for them all.

How cool is that!

Once you got all the keyword data you’re after, you can just export them to all to a CSV file or excel allowing you to then use them wherever you want. Whether you’re new to internet marketing or not Micro Niche Finder will definitely make your keyword research not only easier, but a lot more lucrative. One thing I will say though is that I think it’s more aimed more at SEO rather than PPC.

It does return you values for Ad Cost but these are based on what Google tell you so they aren’t very accurate at all. If you’re after a keyword tool for PPC then you might want to look at Market Samurai, which is another Keyword tool in my top 3.

I’ll be reviewing that for you in the coming weeks so stay tuned. So if you want to uncover some completely overlooked markets that are just waiting for you to tap into… and you want to do this quickly and with ease, then you really need to be checking out Micro Niche Finder.



Bonus Section

If you purchase Micro Niche Finder through any of my links I’ll send you the following 2 bonuses + you’ll get $20 Cashback!

Niche Navigator Niche Navigator ($27 value) There is so much information out there about choosing a niche that you are being forced to believe you can just go out and cherry-pick anything you want from some website like Yahoo Answers, and instantly start pulling down 6 figures.

It doesn’t work like that, as you’ve probably found out by now! Every niche is different, in some there is so much room to profit then you can make money even when you get things wrong, in most then you can’t profit even when you do things right. So I developed a step-by-step system that takes away the guesswork and allows you to pinpoint which niches are worth the effort, BEFORE you take those tentative steps into the unknown.




Article Cannon

Article Cannon ($27 value) Are you making money online yet? Do you have a website that is a like a ghost town while everyone else gets traffic like Disney Land?

Well traffic is the key to online success, even if you master everything else then without a steady stream of targeted prospects visiting your site then you are still going to starve.

What if I told you there was a source of traffic rich for the taking that people plunder everyday, a seam of traffic gold which people mine ruthlessly while everyone else who tries to use it just hits stone? Look I bet you already know about using articles to drive traffic to your site, at least in the traditional sense anyway, and you’ve probably tried submitting a few, only to get lousy results and give up. I’m here to end your article misery and allow you to tap straight into the heart of this incredible source of traffic.



micro niche finder discount

So How Do I Get The Bonuses & The $20 Cashback?

To claim your bonuses… firstly  order Micro Niche Finder though one of the links on this page and then secondly email me your receipt and I’ll send you Niche Navigator and Article Canon worth $54 over to you straight away.


IMPORTANT: To claim your $20 cash back, wait 60 days until the Clickbank refund period is over and email me your receipt No. If the receipt number checks out and you haven’t refunded I’ll send you $20 straight away via Paypal.

DO NOT email me and expect your cashback before the refund period is over.

Hope you enjoy using Micro Niche Finder :)



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  1. Hi,

    I cannot purchase Micro Niche Finder software via your link.

    Could you tell me why?




  2. Hi Ji,

    I’ve just tried the links and they seem fine. Please try the one below….


    cheers, Ian

  3. Not sure if anybody likes to try this software with confidence?

    If so, please quickly try it out and you will see the results easily.
    This is not amazing tool that bring you success immediately like a day dreaming.
    But this tool will show you where and which keyword you can get ranked high and really make money from search engine natural traffic in long terms.

    It’s worth for your money to invest into Micro Niche Finder.
    I tried it and now found many untapped keywords that bring me income online steadily for more than a year now!

  4. New $20 Cashback deal announced for buying Micro Niche Finder through any of my links on this page.

  5. hi ..
    i would like to purchase MNF immediately. But please let me know will i still receive the original free gifts that is on the affiliate page? ex :usb and a few books?

  6. Hi Angel,

    Yes, please see the bonus section on this page to see what you’ll receive – thanks.

  7. Hi, Kore

    I wanna buy MNF thru your link, is the USD20 still valid to date? Thx.

  8. Hi, yes the $20 discount is still live.

  9. Hi mate,

    I just bought Micro Niche Finder via the link above.
    I am confused about how to receive 2 e-book that you promised?
    Do i have to wait until 2 months like cashback?

    thanks :)

  10. Hi Malik, I’ll email the ebooks now, thanks.

  11. i tried to acess the link , to buy the micro niche finder and it doesn´t worked

    it is still alive? if yes show me the correct link


  12. Hi Joao, yes the offer is still live. I’ve checked the links and they still work.

    The link you need is – http://koreinternet.com/go/mnf


  13. Hi,

    I would like to buy MNF via your link, is the USD10 cashback and bonus still valid ? Thanks.

  14. Hi Steve, yes the $20 discount is still valid – cheers

  15. Hi,

    I intend to purchase the micro niche finder thru your link.

    Does your bonus and $20 discount still applies?

    Colin Koh

  16. Hi Colin, yes the discount still applies, cheers.


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